Monday, November 26, 2012

Not Just There For Display

"Isn't it annoying, having to smile even if you don't feel like it?"

"Well, it does get depressing at times..."

"Why are you still doing it, then?"

"I want to make people smile when they don't feel like doing it."


  1. it hurts to smile when you're hurting..

    it would be nice if...everyone can do that to be able to make those people around them smile even though they're not happy at all..

    that'd be a nice thing to do!

    I just love the way you write ~ keep writing! :D

    1. Sometimes it hurts, but for people you love and want to keep happy, you smile and be happy for them right? It affects you as well, and you become happy without knowing it :)

      It would be nice if everyone can do it~

      Awwww, thank youuuuu~ and I will! Thanks for reading! :D