Thursday, November 22, 2012


Have I been so drunk on the concept of love? Is it so potent that no one can help but be hung over, be head over heels in its wake? Will its intoxicating spirits forever entice me with promises of happy times in its presence?

Ah, to be drunk in love, to abandon logic and reason and just be free. To be so trashed, so wasted, yet these people addicted to it keep going back for more. 

And more. 

And more. 

Sometimes it can make you so sick that you throw up and swear you'll never try it, you'll never do it again, but the next day finds you with a different drink, in varying shades of red and pink. But there were grays, and yellows, blues, greens, clear, murky, all unique flavors, all love. And you are addicted.

Too bad I don't drink.

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