Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cool Warmth

It is the North, the land of altitudes and mysticism.
She was a legendary beauty, her skin as fair as the snow covering the mountains and plains of her homeland.
And she was impenetrable, a princess of ice. Her gaze, glacial and without warmth.
She had no ability to love. She had no want, no need for it.

It is the South, the country of trees and nostalgic atmospheres.

He was a brave warrior, his eyes bright as the blazing sun.
They were lit up with the hopes and dreams of his people. His heart, burning with the fervent passion for his homeland.
And he loves. So much. He had so much love to give, so he loves. Unendingly.

And so when the North and South met, it was a song of ice and fire.

He is dampened by the snow but instead of dying out, the destructiveness toned down to warmth.
She was engulfed by the flames and she had melted, but the ice was broken and what was once freezing was cool. Comfortingly so.

This is the story of how two opposites and how they attract.

This is the story of how love can defy the very roots of logic.

This is their story.

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