Friday, May 23, 2014

Let Me Stay

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Please shut the door and follow me home
Let me lead you back
to the space between my arms,
the place where I can always hold you safe
Don't look inside the room
no one's inside
I promise you
there is no one inside
that will break us apart
Please close your eyes
against the ugly truth
That we are standing
a hotel room for two
in a city
five thousand miles away
from where I told you
I'll be
Please believe me
when I say
I was alone
Please don't stare
at all the signs
screaming at your face
Don't sniff out the lie
or the perfume
that wasn't yours
Don't reach out
to rub out
the lipstick smudge that wasn't yours
or the kiss you didn't give
on my neck
Let's walk away
from everything I've done
Please hold my hand
and it will strive to forget
the body it held
that was not yours
There will be no girl
inside that room
if you promise to forget
tonight ever happened
I would never have lied
And you would never have caught me
So please
let us go away
You and I
Back to our world
where you love me
and I love you
Let me love the pain away
strangle the accusations out of your throat
smother your lips with mine
to mute the sobs
that only betrayal can make
drown out your tears
in a sea of endless apologies
I will never be not sorry
for as long as I live
for as long as you let me
for as long as you want me
I will l tell you how much I love you
Like how I could
Like how I should always would
I will cook your scrambled eggs with cheese
just how you like them
Dance a waltz with you
while the radio plays rock and roll
Wash the dirty laundry
Throw away the trash
Break my ribs, take out my heart
Find the lies and rip them apart
Please let me try
to make things right
Let me make you forget tonight
Let me say sorry
Let me stay
Let's walk away
and close the door
Let the girl sleep
and let the light
of the morning sun
kiss her awake
instead of me
Let the bed cling to her body
every square foot
of skin and bone
be covered with sheets
that are the untold story
of all the correct mistakes
we think we made
instead of letting my lips
travel down
the planes and courses
of a body
that wasn't mine to keep
of a body
of a person
that wasn't mine
to anything
Let my fingers tangle with yours
instead of fisting them in her hair
Let me whisper your name
into your ear
into the beautiful curves
of heryour collarbones
Let me slip your clothes off your shoulders
Let your legs end and curl up with mine
Let me be yours
only you
So let go of the doorknob
and take my hand
Let's walk down the hallway
and out the hotel
Back to our house
our room
our world
Our bed
our sheets
our bodies
And when we wake up
let me cook the breakfast
and feed the baby
Let me stay
you and me
Our family of three

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