Wednesday, March 27, 2013


There was a bus that once went anywhere you wanted to go.

You just have to close your eyes and wish hard enough and it would appear, right before your eyes. In the middle of nowhere in a thunderstorm it will arrive, untouched by time or weather of laws of Newton and open its doors to you.

You step inside. It will always be empty for new passengers, for it does not believe in filling up seat capacities. But it does believe in chance encounters. You can meet anyone while waiting for that bus, and maybe by the time it arrives you have new places to go to, new people to get to know better.

It runs on wanderlust instead of gasoline, for the world was never enough for people who ride on this bus.

There was always a new place to discover. In this planet, in this universe, in themselves; nobody was really sure anymore.

But there was a place you wanted to go to, the bus will take you. It needs no fare, just the knowledge that you know that it was one-way trip. Oh it can take you back to where you came from if you wish, but rest assured you will not be the same person that first rode the bus.

For it was more than just motor and metal on wheels.

It is a vehicle of experiences waiting to be made to memories, and stories waiting to be written and told.

Now... will you ride it? Will you not ride it?

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