Wednesday, March 20, 2013


...Hello lovely readers.

Sorry I've been MIA for the past I don't know how many weeks now...

Okay I checked, the last time I posted was Valentine's Day O___O After that was just an insane time at school. Projects, plays, faculty shows, internships to apply for (none of which have called back save for one as of press time... sobs)

But as it is summer vacation at my side of the world, I can go back to posting stuff! I've been writing at my spare time and I have a few I could share :)

Which brings us to an announcement. This blog now has a Twitter account! Yay~ I actually started it around December last year as a request from my friends. Initially it's filled with quotes from the few things I've written here, but it also took a hiatus when things at university went insane. So I'm revamping it!

The Twitter handle name is @writingriddles and it will continue tweeting quotes from whatever I post in here. Also, it will tweet updates whenever I post a new entry in this blog, as well as some phrases that are a tad short for this wordy blog. You can talk to me there, ask questions and stuff, and maybe when I'm in the mood I'll open request posts once in a while!

I'm also on Tumblr under the same name ( but I mostly post photos there. But it's still me :)

So.... yeah. Until the next post! :)

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