Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Evolution of Un-uniqueness

I am in a maze that has no exit, pretending I know my way around.

I am the cowardly attendant of the Emperor, pretending to see finery that was not even there because I am too scared to be different.

I am the quiet girl that waits until everyone is done talking until she gives her opinion. In her head. To herself.

I am slowly choosing to be an un-unique nonexistence.

No marks, no dents, no scratches, slightly used but in mint condition.

Just another speck of dust in somebody's eye.

A grain of sand in somewhere at the bottom of the hourglass.

That is who I am becoming.

And I am frightened of it.

1 comment:

  1. There are too many people with too many personalities, too many people who breathe the same air, who want to be unique but fail on some occasion. However, oddity is not to be invented; one is unique - weird, even - because he or she lives for who he or she is. It's frightening to be similar, to stay identical and yet, it feels like 90% of the world's population is a copy of each other.
    You may be just a grain of sand in someone's eyes but perhaps, you may be something of a bigger, more important existence to others.
    I think you are great and what's that word everyone's using again?

    Ah right.

    You're cool.