Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let Love

With every word and image you have inflicted you are ruining the last bonds they could have as a family. It pains every fiber of their beings, and yet you continue.

For you know no mercy. Only love. Or what you think is love.

You have been consumed by these emotions, knowing in your mind that you have nothing else to hold on to except that fluttering on your chest of that muscle that pumps blood into your veins and feelings into your being

You are not in control.

And you are forgiven.

For what are humans to do against the biological need to feel fulfilled? What are humans to do against these emotions when logic and reason does not seem to suffice?

What are humans to do against love?

But please let us not use love as an excuse to hurt anybody. Love is not meant for hurt. Love is meant for the creation of beautiful memories and existences, not the tainting and destruction of them.

Let love be meant for what it is meant to be.

Let love be itself.

Love. Let it be.

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