Wednesday, August 21, 2013

That Day



A sigh. "Still angry with me, then?"

Silence, except from the tapping sounds at the keyboard, her fingers moving gracefully over the keys as he talked to her stiff back.

It was twenty minutes past midnight, but the two were far from being sleepy. They had a deadline in less than eight hours, and in a brilliant stroke of genius he had managed to mess up their presentation. Big time. She was redoing the paper they had to submit. He had tried to convince her to go back to talking to him to no avail.

"Please don't be mad. I rewrote the part you needed, we'll finish with plenty of time to spare."

Her hands stilled. Now, there was total silence.

"I'm not angry about that," she quietly said.

He knits his eyebrows together in confusion, frowning. "...what do you mean? Why are you angry then?"

She sighed, saved her document, then gently closed her laptop before turning to him. Her shoulders were hunched, and there was a frown on her pretty face.

"You forgot, didn't you?" she asked quietly.

"Forgot what?" He thought for a moment. "Your birthday isn't for another three months, and we just celebrated our anniversary..."

She sighed, but smiled a little. "Do you remember what date today is?"

He frowned in concentration, then cast his eyes to the calendar. She watched amusingly as his jaw dropped in realization.

"Of all the things to forget," she said, watching as he mentally counted the days, mouthing the numbers to himself and bringing a hand to his forehead as he glanced back to her.

", you're not angry...?"he clarified. She shakes her head, nudging her shoulder to his as she handed him a small wrapped box.

"Happy birthday, silly," she said with a small smile.

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