Wednesday, March 12, 2014


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You stood there
head bowed
back straight
pink-tinted cheeks

You held the gaze
of every heart
Everyone envied
the wall that was your friend

Everyone wanted
to be that one guy
that would raise your head
and make you smile

But you were busy looking
For patterns in the dust
Too scared to see constellations
In somebody else’s eyes

You were so busy
Making yourself small

But you were everything but
Unnoticed and invisible

I wish I could tell you
All the things I’ve said
But this whole conversation
Was all in my head

For I was leaning
Against the opposite wall
Nursing a drink to my chest
And wishing I wasn’t so tall

I wish I could tell you
How pretty you look
Or how the lights made your freckles
And your dress light up the room

Or how the sweep of your eyelashes
Against your cheeks
Made me want to be brave
And make small talk

Everyone wanted to hear
How the wallflower speaks
Was it a whisper to the heart
Or a shout to the universe?

But you are a wallflower
And I’m more of a weed
But the walls are our anchors
Our ports, our barriers

The room was too big
To be too close to you
The room was too small
To be right next to you

I thank time and space
For bringing us here
Awkward but not cold
Quiet but not alone

But the universe can
Only push me so much
I am too attached
To my wall and familiarity

So when I saw you
That night at that party
Both of us not knowing
Why we were there

I can only look
Stop, and then stare

Too scared to try and ruin
What I built in my head
Imaginary happiness is best
Without the emotional baggage

For you are a wallflower
Beautiful, but not fleeting
And I was once
a non-believer

But the chance I got
To see your smiles
Across the room
Made me think

That you were a flower
With you own sun
And your existence was
What blooming really is

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