Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lips to Forehead

Forehead kisses and triple scoop double dutch ice cream cones, so tall it's almost begging for a falling-to-the-floor comedy skit to happen.

Forehead kisses and stupid dares of making him buy make-up for you and he does it with his typical annoyed/poker face he does so well, that face he does when you tell how annoyed you are at the faces he does. That face you can't get enough of anyway.

Forehead kisses and movies with indecisive heroines and three overly handsome guys with abs to die for, but she goes for the half-dragon dude anyway because that's the movies. And how your hands go for each other.

Forehead kisses, and kisses on the hand and bare shoulders and cheeks and on the lips that tasted as sweet molten triple scoop double dutch ice cream cones.

1 comment:

  1. Simple but sweet, dreamy even. It stays true to real time situation in a sense where one can imagine every scene as vivid as possible. As expected from a skilled young writer. Good job.