Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Shot at Japanese Street Fashion

twirl for me

that one tiny glance


Model: Patricia Villarica

Here are the photos I submitted for the photography contest hosted by the Thomasian Nihon Kyoukai (TNK). This was all done in a rush and though I really wanted to shoot more layouts with more outfits but sadly we have TVProd and a nine-hour academic day ahead of us so we have to make do.

The theme was Japanese fashion, and as I don't have the time nor resources to do anything elaborate, I made a layout of the shoot in my head on the way home, called my blockmate to model for me (who thankfully agreed) and gave her some pegs on Japanese street fashion. Since she has a lot of clothes I figured there's bound to be something in her closet that would fit the category. The shoot got cancelled because of inclement weather but we thankfully pulled through.

I wanted things to look as natural as possible. I'd like to give the feeling that it was candid, and I was shooting a friend as we were walking around places. Whimsical thoughts and just being you - that was what I wanted to convey. Being free and being unconventional can be okay, as long as you know you're doing the right thing and you are comfortable with your own skin.

This shoot taught and made me experience a lot of things. How to ninja-shoot, how to try to always get the shot you like, how to always be ready because some candid moments actually look better (like the third photo; if I remember correctly, I didn't tell my model I shot this. She was still waiting for instructions and I took a photo and it turned out pretty well). I also had to direct the shoot, and for someone who doesn't like ordering people around it was a minuscule internal battle ^^;;; My model helped me out too, since she's more used to being behind the camera than in front of it (and tbqh, I do prefer to be behind the camera too :D) I really don't understand why we can't shoot inside the QuadriGym (the place where the first two photos were taken; they were ninja shots so eheh); it's a nice place where we can utilize a lot of elements of the building for nice photos ;;

And lesson learned: Lover's Lane (AKA the park inside our uni) is perfect for location shoots. Best to go on times were there are less people around :)

Anyways, I know I have a long way to go and I have a lot to learn, but I'm doing my best! There are a lot of pictures in this photo set but I'm still sifting through them because school. 

Tell me what you think? :)


  1. nice snapshots ;)
    I like the first one best :) it's so spontaneous yet "dramatic"

    1. Thank you Shiki!
      This was a chance shot, really, so I guess spontaneous is a nice word to describe it :3 Thank you! :3